Signing Ceremonies

On occasion UNM and the partner will sign an MOU at a “photo-op” signing ceremony when one party’s signatory is visiting the other party’s campus.  Here are some tips to assure a smooth ceremony:

  1. Notify all invitees and the photographer in advance.
  2. Print duplicate originals in English and in the partner’s language, as applicable.
  3. Include the fully signed Contract Review Form as a cover sheet for UNM’s signatory in order to inform him or her that the MOU is fully vetted and ready to sign.
  4. Provide souvenir signing pens and water for the signatories.
  5. Choose a good background for the photo in advance.
  6. Make sure there is adequate lighting or an available flash.
  7. Collaborate with the partner to determine the elements of the ceremony in advance:
    • Attire and setting (business? casual? indoor? outdoor? etc.)
    • Brief “ice-breaker” courtesy meeting preceding the ceremony?
    • Brief remarks during the ceremony? (written talking points? extemporaneous?)
    • Gift exchange?  A common gift from UNM is a book published by UNM Press, but the type of gift varies widely.
    • Handshake pose?
    • Text of press release pre-approved by UNM and the partner?
  8. Give one set of fully signed originals to the partner, and the other set to GEO to file and e-file in its database.
  9. Promptly provide the photo(s) to the partner, but determine in advance which medium the partner prefers (e.g., thumb drive, CD, email attachment, color print, etc.)
  10. Translation may be needed during the event, be sure to inquire and organize in advance. Some delegations will travel with their own translator.
  11. Make sure the necessary technology, such as microphones, projectors, etc. are set up properly and functioning prior to the event.