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We are a large service unit that facilitates international linkages, cultural exchange, global diversity, and the development of international expertise across all sectors of the university. GEO is responsible for international recruitment and admissions, creates opportunities to study and work overseas through exchange and education abroad programs, offers immigrationn, orientation and co-curricular advising services for international students and scholars who study and work at UNM, provides intensive English language programs at the intermediate to advanced level, and develops short-term certificate programs for adult learners. 

Safety Message 2022

You may have heard the incredibly tragic news about a recent shooting in the University area where one of our former students was killed. We have been working with UNM and Albuquerque police to find out more about the circumstances of the shooting and to figure out if there is a pattern happening so that we can provide more safety information for all of you. We are aware that this is a frightening and disheartening situation that leaves everyone in the UNM community feeling insecure. We reccommend students take precautions to ensure their safety.

If you have any information contact Albuquerque police at 505-242-2677. You should also know that UNM and Albuquerque Police have increased patrols in the area by both uniformed and plain clothes officers.

Please click this link to read our full safety message.

Global Highlights

UNM Participates in Stevens Initiative

Photo by Chris Montgomery on Unsplash. UNM professors Lucio Lanucara and Achraf Noureddine will work with Stevens Initiative to provide students with powerful virtual exchange experiences, equipping them with the necessary skills and experiences they need to thrive in the workplace...

Winner of the Globally-Engaged Research Award

The Globally-Engaged Research Award is offered by the Global Education Office (GEO) and the Office of the Vice President for Research (OVPR) at The University of New Mexico (UNM) to highlight the dynamic international research conducted by UNM faculty and students...

GEO Annual Report 2021

Despite the ongoing pandemic, we worked together to support both current andincoming students, and found meaningful ways to connect with our global partnersto ensure that international education would continue to be a part of UNM’steaching, research and outreach...

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