Our Mission

GEO helps UNM students, faculty, and staff to understand and work effectively in a complex and rapidly changing global world.

  • Facilitating campus internationalization.
  • Forging strategic partnerships with academic institutions and government partners around the globe.
  • Acting as a liaison for U.S. government agencies, foreign embassies, sponsors and educational foundations that support international education.
  • Supporting UNM faculty to engage in virtual teaching collaborations and develop/lead courses abroad.
  • Advising and facilitating education abroad for UNM students.
  • Recruiting and admitting international students.
  • Offering intensive education in English as a Second Language (ESL).
  • Providing immigration advice, onboarding support, and campus information and transition services for international students and visiting scholars.
  • Offering a range of non-credit, high-impact, short-term certificate programs tailored to the academic level and organizational interests of our international collaborators.